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Didn't have a camera handy when I planted her into a mud hole.

She took a pretty good hit & the only real damage was to my ego & the $0.97 cafe mirror, which was worthless anyways.

After five years of ownership, countless crashes & rebuilds I got to the point where I had the 636 about as perfect as I could imagine it. She was comfy, took me across the nation & the Canadian maritimes in the worse conditions I've rode through (Monarch pass in late April, bad idea) She'd do anything willingly from gobbling entire time zones on the slab, to carving up the bendies with my friends in Cali (even on unfamiliar roads the gummy D616's & dirty bars made it easy to keep up, or pass my friends on occasion) then go adventuring anything down to bicycle trails when I got a wild hair up my ass.

So I got something with a little more oomph.

An '07 ZX10R. I'm in love with this generation of Kawi superbikes, basically the 636 with 60 more ponies. I love the body & she's still an 'analog' bike. No wireless shit, abs or power modes. If I want to light the wick to 180 horses, by God I'm going to & ain't no computer going to stop me.

I took a quick blast to Cali with a friend.

We're not real chipper at the moment since we did 3400 miles in four days riding, including a flat tire in a rain storm & having to back track to Albuquerque. We're leaving a friend of mines in Santa Maria, at 5am after a few hours of sleep in fog thick enough to cut with a knife. Just to sit on the beach for a couple hours, play in the ocean with a smokin' hot red head, eat shrimps & drink martini until I was unable to walk was totally worth the four days of hell bent over that tank with a passenger though & I'd do it again.

Point being, she got pulled apart not long after I got tired of hobbling around like an old man. She's been apart quite some time, due to several things like racing, moving & flight lessons but she will only get built once. I know what I want for an end product instead of experimenting every winter with the 636.

This is right after I finally got the old carbon BST wheels swapped in.

The mods aren't real extensive so far. I buffed down the triples & used a set of Honda ATC risers to mount up a custom set of Z bars I had made to my liking. I'm using the stock Ti header & bits from three different Boz Bros to make a nice shatter-windows-miles-away pipe. Should have a good top end hit...

The brakes are from the 14R. The suspension has been gone through by Traxxion dynamics & I got Ohlins springs suited to my weight, also accounting for the 60lb diet she's going on. The rear has been raised quite a bit & the front as much as the clamps would allow. She should be nice & twichy.

I tore the TBs apart to get the funky secondary flies out of there.

I did the same on the 636 & she gained a nice top end bump.

The entire harness is getting gutted. I won't have anything on the dash but a tach. No blinkers, etc. I'll mount a manual oil pressure gauge right off the engine somewhere in sight.

Seems out there for a dual sport thread I know but she'll bust some bark I assure you. :)

Ya'll have a good one.
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