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Hi Andi
I noticed to post suggesting you can get paperwork done in La Paz. USA citizens might be able to - kiwis can't.
Waiting to get paperwork sorted in La Paz is far too late for kiwis. And very time consuming and problematic in our recent experience.
Kiwis- and other non US citizens- have to get the paperwork done within 60km of the border crossing i.e. the bike paper work, and especially the 180 day tourist visa. You wont be allowed to buy a ticket for the Pichilingue ferry to Mazatlan without complete paperwork. We were threatened with having to fly back to Tijuana to get sorted. There was a phone number on a poster on the window at the Ferry ticket office that lead us to a solution but It was a hassle and it cost.
Interesting - I'm an Aussie with US residency, I never got to test the La Paz theory as my rear shock packed it in and I had to go back to San Diego - then when I re-entered Mexico I went via Nogales and got the TVIP there. Maybe "lucky" the shock was stuffed, I might have had issues in La Paz.

The reason I was getting the TVIP in La Paz was because I missed the immigration office in Tecate - it's very small without obvious signage, and if there was a truck or an RV parked in front of it, you wouldn't see it. I was able to get my tourist visa no problem in Ensenada, but not the TVIP - hence the plan to do it in La Paz.

Guys I'm assuming you are going back to Mexico on the same 180-day visa you had before - not sure how long would be left on it now, 3 months maybe? So you just have to take care of the TVIP on the new bike...

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