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I like your style. I think we could make good partners in train wrecking stuff.

Don't get me wrong here, but wish I would have kept my '02 Dakar and worked with Jay to hack it. I really like my R100 when I'm not working on it, and it works very well with my wife as monkey in the chair. But it is strictly a street rig and I miss the gravel and dirt.

BTW, two years, 14,000 miles, and three slow/no speed drops onto my right shoulder off the Dakar, and I totally ripped the ligaments out of my rotator cuff. Microsurgery and six months of PT were not the most pleasant days of my life. So I can only imagine what your are going through.

Hang tough, ride as often as possible, and know you are making tons of new friends every day here on ADV. When my time comes I can only hope to have a doctor/friend as good as yours.
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