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Originally Posted by Cat0020 View Post
What were you working on exactly?
I can't remember now, this was a couple of years ago. Maybe I was just removing the rear tire? I know I had to remove the exhaust to do that. I remember removing the rear shock to get the chain guard off as well...maybe that was just part of the rear tire removal too? Everything was just pancaked together, to get to one thing you had to remove a million other things. I thought it was ridiculous for such a simple bike.

This might not be in the spirit of this thread (the bike was still fun to drive around), but it was such a pain to work on I just wanted to get rid of it. I've had a few other Honda's from this design era (Super 90, CB160, SL350) and they all seemed to be frustrating to work on. Not that they were impossible, I just didn't enjoy that aspect of ownership as much as I do with my DRZ or Tiger 955i.
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