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I certainly don't want to be the guy who teels someone not to uggrade their brakes.

I own a number of small trailers, some get used every year and others everyday, I love little trailers they just sit there waiting until you need them and the battery is never dead, they don't need antifreeze etc.

I've run tens of thousands of miles with trailers without brakes on them and of course many of those were with heavy loads and pulled with a 2wd toyota.

Brakes are always good and more brakes are always gooder but not having them on a light trailer isn't horrible.

I believe big in good wiring with soldered joints and good quality heatshrink over them, LED lights are a really smart idea and lastly I buy expensive tires for any trailer that I'm going more than a few miles with. Enjoy your trailer it looks like a nice one and unlike just about everything else a person buys they are worth as much years from now as they are today.
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