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Manuel Lucchese

Anche oggi é andata, un passettino alla volta senza prendere rischi ma soprattutto senza sforzare troppo il motore. Oggi parecchie dune ma niente di dIfficile ora mi metto a fare un po di manutenzione alla moto che per me e la cosa pių faticosa!!!

Today is gone, a regulation at a time without taking risks but mostly without straining the motor too. Today several dunes but nothing hard now I start to do some maintenance on the bike for me and what is most tiring!!! (Translated by Bing)

Cutītle (k?tīt'l)
1.(Zool) A cephalopod of the genus Sepia, having an internal shell, large eyes, and ten arms furnished with denticulated suckers, by means of which it secures its prey. 2. A foul-mouthed fellow
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