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Originally Posted by 390beretta View Post
How do you feel about this "less than modern sportbike performance"?

This is coming from someone who owns nothing but old school rides, moto and auto alike, so I'm admitting up front that I'm totally biased.

"Low" horsepower is part of the vintage experience. I'll throw irrational amounts of money at old engines, transmissions, suspensions, brakes, and electrics to get them performing at the top of their games, but I personally don't care one bit if a modern and less expensive moto or auto will still outperform in every area. I don't care if they're more comfortable, or quiet, or "practical."

Modern and shiny and disposable simply has no proper soul.

Engine swaps are cool. Old CJ7 with a 4.3 Vortec v6? Absolutely, but keep it carbureted. Old FJ40 with a 1HZ diesel 6? Keep it mechanically injected. Old rail buggy waiting for a new heart? Give 'er an aircooled VW flat four. These same principles are instantly applicable to every motorcycle.

Do Urals break a lot? Yup. Still radder than a GSXR? Undeniably.

BTW, I'm only 32 years old. Retro and vintage are very niche among my age group (aside from hipsters, who are too cool for this thread anyway). For those of you older gents that lament how my generation and younger are all digitally brainwashed mass produced items from a politically correct nanny state culture, please take some solace that not every single one of us actually is.

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