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Originally Posted by sailah View Post
I am building a project bike and one thing I want to be able to do is extend the seatpan to allow a more comfortable seating position. The seatpan is on the Ninja below and my hand is approx how far I want to extend it. I don't have any idea what type of plastic it is, but its fairly flexible and smooth. I've used adhesive like 3M 5200 before and that stuff seemingly would stick to anything and was a nightmare to get off, nightmare.

Here's about how far I want it to go


I am planning on making the extension from fiberglass and epoxy but I don't expect the epoxy to stick to the plastic. I was hoping to either mechanically fasten it with rivets maybe or some badass adhesive that will hold the part to the original seat pan yet remain flexible enough to allow some slight movement as you would encounter on a seat.

The extension and original seatpan will be properly supported all the way to the subframe so this is just to hold parts together. Suggestions? Esp from McMaster since I seem to order from there a couple times a week.

Hey Sailah! You have an interesting project going on there.

I have a little bit of composite experience, and it is my experience that a good epoxy resin will stick very well to just about everything; even plastic if it is prepared correctly.

How do you plan on laying up the extension of the seat pan?

Are you going to make a mold of sorts?

Have you ever worked with fiber glass before?

Your pics are great, and your post has been very informative so far, but if you could include a few more details on how you plan to create the composite part, that would be of great help to those of us who might have some answers.

I'll keep an eye out for your next post.
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