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Originally Posted by Pescador View Post
Rear tire is a Dulop 606, front is a TKC 80. Dunlop is Very noisey on the road but great off road!
Love the TKC 80 on front.
Dunlop is almost gone at 3,000 miles
I'm going to try Heidenau scout next on rear.
It's sitting in garage just begging to be put on!!
Unfortunately, mixing tires is not allowed in Germany. So I have to find a pair of tires. Until now, I was quite happy with the TKCs, they work well for me almost everywhere. For a knobbie, the TKC is great onroad, it's even possible to scrape the pegs and it works well on most offroad tracks, but not in the mud. So I'm looking for a tire with a litte more offroad capabilities. I'd also appreciate a better mileage, the rear TKC last 2000 miles, the front 4000 miles.

Maybe I will try the Mitas E-09 Dakar next. is offline   Reply With Quote