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Howdy All,

Day twenty nine of the rideabout, would take us from Jock home to his friend Gene's home which is in or very near Brisbane. Whilst on this last real day of riding we would pass through some very beautiful country, rolling hills, old worn down mountain ranges, with some incredible vistas along the way.

Jock on the KLR.

We stop for fuel..........

And food.

After our short stop we travel on.

We stop at this over look, below and before us the remains of a long ago eroded away volcanic mountain range the only thing still standing is their hard cores.

We stopped at a National Park to get some better views of old volcanic cores.

Later that early evening we made it to Gene's home, Gene is an interesting fellow, he races a sidecar powered by a Harley-Davidson Sportster, his wife Vickie is the monkey. Heres Gene.

Vickie sitting on the riders seat of the rig.

The "grandparents in action" If I remember correctly Gene and Vickie are in their early 60's and still running hard.

The evening spent at Genes home was passed in good cheer, food and beer in plenty a good time was had by all. The next day would be my last day in Oz, Jock would leave his KLR at Genes home, Gene would drive us to the air port after I had turned the Ural over to Jon and meet its new owner. Stay tuned for the last chapter in this saga.
Dave, aka "Mr. Cob"

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