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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
About 10 years ago, when they were still being manufactured in Mexico, and sold for about $8000 brand new, I tried to find a way to bring a brand new air cooled VW Beetle into the U.S. I was tired of all the problems I was having with my old beat up rusted out bugs. Basically I was told "no how no way" They actually could be brought here, but could not be legally registered here. I think the EPA and DOT are a big part of the reason we don't get a lot of cool bikes here that you can get a lot of other places. It costs serious money to "certify" a vehicle for the U.S. market, that CT would likely have to have a disc brake, different turn signals, fuel injection, a catalytic exhaust, etc, etc. By the time they did all that it would cost way more than anyone would be willing to pay for it. And I'm afraid a Chinese copy would turn out like the Chinese clone of the Big Ruckus, basically junk. A real Honda CT110 is a bike you can count on to take you pretty much anywhere. Without breaking down.

Christ Jerry, is there no small bike you're not an 'expert' on..
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