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Originally Posted by double_entendre View Post
Thanks, all. It's a relatively new battery and the bike sits on a Battery Tender trickle charger much of the time. A week is plenty of time to drain the battery.

Boon Booni, I've got both the positive and negative cables running directly to the battery. Are you saying to unhook the positive cable from the block and put the multimeter between them so that the power runs through the multimeter?

Yes. Multi-meter goes inline when checking amperage. Most meters are fused at 10amps (I think), so don't go trying to start the bike or turning the key on, but for checking for parasitic draw it'll be fine.

With all accessories and key off there should be minimal to zero amperage draw to your aux fuse block. If your aux fuse block is the culprit, then you can start pulling fuses and checking amperage draw across those terminals.
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