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Originally Posted by steveyak View Post
what I dont like about the 250 is the light weight and under power. She took all of about 30 seconds to pick up the xr 100. and was pushing after an hour. she is not a weak girl so she would be able to handle a slightly bigger bike physically, and seat height is not an issue her legs are longer than mine, I'm 5'11".
Serious question, but have you ever been close to someone before learning to ride, especially a female? Yeah, we all hope our ladies become the next amazing rider and some really do, but they have to all start somewhere. Its great she picked up the XR100 so quickly, but its also a tiny bike that is very non-intimidating, and probably one of the reasons she picked it up so quickly and that's the type of enthusiasm you want to keep going as she is learning to ride. It does sound like she's above avg physically and height when you compare to most 5'2"-5'4" ladies that can't even touch on some of the bikes out there, but I just caution you about getting her over her head and worst case you end up with someone totally discouraged about ever riding again.

Some of you are saying the 250 actually has some power. this kind of discredited your view for me.....I have spent a small amount of time on ninja 250 it is painfully slow. and im a little worried she will develop bad habbits with it. Seeing as you can rev the bike to 10,000rpm and drop the clutch and its fine. So while I dont want her to end up on her back with the bike gone if she drops the clutch I also dont want to get used to thinking its ok.
So to have the opinion that the 250 is the right bike is great, but to say it has any power is just plain ridiculous.
to everyone else I really appreciate the advice and I'm leaning way toward the ex500 or gs500 good smooth power enough to need to respect it but not enough to scare her.
You've admitted you have spent all about 25miles on a 250 and you are used to a bike that makes 125hp and are a track rider. Yeah, I'm sure it feels painfully under powered to you in those scenarios, but for its size and weight, it really isn't that slow of a bike. If you really want to discredit us just for that point of view, that's your choice, but we are really trying to help you see all possibilities here. In her case, I'm not going to say the 500's are bad choices either and if that makes you feel better about them being a bit faster, than that's great.

I also really wouldn't worry about bad habits forming on any learning bike. That's the purpose of a beginner bike is to learn the proper techniques and develop the right muscle memory and not kill yourself in the process. Being able to hamfist a Ninja 250 or 500 and not get yourself in trouble should be seen as a positive thing when learning because its going to happen. I would actually disagree and say that if you drop the clutch at 10k, even on the 250, you'll be on your butt, however I get where you are coming from. It actually takes a second to get a Ninja 250 to rev to 10K in N, so that actually works in the riders favor if they accidentally screw it up a time or two. If someone keeps doing that thinking its okay, they probably shouldn't be riding, but I don't think that's the point.

I hope what ever bike she chooses it works out for her and you guys enjoy many happy years of riding.
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