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I'm still trying to figure out my carb tuning.

De-Snorkeled, K&N filter with pre-filter (soon back to paper), smog removed, XR600R muffler with modified insert, Dave's mod, 55/158 jets.

I live at 250 ft elevation in the valley and the highest elevations I usually find myself at are around 5k ft. My bike seems to be running rich. MPG's are pretty low (35) and when I went on a ride with a friend of mine he said it smelled pretty rich. Plug color seems to affirm this as well. At first after Dave's mod I was at 2-1/4 turns out and plug was very dark, then tried 2 turns out and still dark. I'm at about 1-1/2 turns now and still seems a bit rich but I haven't checked the plug yet.

Should I switch to 52/155 jets and try it out? When I got the bike it had a Supertrapp and 52/162 jets and it was getting 50mpg.
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