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New sportsbikes DO have a tendency to be a bit boring.
In the early 80s riding a CB/4 at 100mph through a series of bumpy bends required concentration, focus, a bit of muscle, and staring as far ahead as possible.........
Doing that speed on a sportbike (I've tried 996 Duc, 2006 ZX10R, 2011 GSXR1, etc) is like riding to the shops on my scoot. There is no shimmy, no tyre slip, no slight flex as you attempt to steer just a little bit more, no "somewhat disconcerting" wobble if you try to change anything in line or speed.
I have a 250 scoot for everything nowadays, a quick shopping bag or two, highway commuting at a steady 110kph, bumps, freeways, gravel with corrugations, the lot.
I also have a Vmax for when I start to forget what motorcycling used to be like, and how much fun it can be.
Who the hell would drag race a Ducati?!?!?!?!
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