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To the OP, I hope you don't mind a bit of a side tangent, but I wanted to share a little short story with you.

One of the reasons I enjoy Ninja 250's so much was this ride I did with 3 other buddies. One summer we all decided to p/u Ninja 250's to go terrorize larger sportbikes in the mountains that and let me tell you we sure did that summer and loved every minute of it. We made lots of guys that thought they were fast on there 600 or 1000's feel a bit smaller when guys on 250's came flying past them.

Anyway, one of our buddies moved away to Arkansas near the Ozarks, so we decided to ride the 2500 mile round trip on our 250's and it was a blast. All 4 of us are over 6' tall with me being the tallest but the 3rd lightest at 230lbs. The biggest guy tipped the scales at over 300lbs and the other two were around 260 & 200 respectively.

I'm standing next to the Red Ninja. Bigguest guy next to the blue one and smallest guy next to the green one.

Leaving our buddies house to head back home

Let me tell you, we made these things look small

Holding 80mph is no problem on the interstate

Just a few vids

This is me cruising at 70-80mph in front of the other guys

Sorry about these crappy quality vids, but it was just a Point & Shoot camera mounted on a Ram Mount on the handle bar of a screaming Ninja 250.

So these next couple vids is me chasing the big guy who was the only one faster than me (ex-racer from Britain). We had the little 250's screaming, but we were having such a blast. If we would have been caught at these speeds, it wouldn't have been pretty. LOL

So we pass a truck at the 0:50 mark in this one

Excuse the hooligan riding, we were having a blast though.

Here's a good example of a Ninja 250 being docile in the very beginning just cruising, then I drop a couple gears and give chase.

Anyway, still want of the most stupid fun trips we've had and we all agreed it was a blast because of the little Ninja's and how hard we were riding them. I don't think they are as bad as you are making them out to be, but either way, have fun riding with your wife.
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