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markk900: yes we have determined the carb is stock. I also believe we have come to the conclusion that trimming the spring and fiddling with the stock needle is not necessary. The bike is running well. What I am trying to accomplish (and seem to be close) is to get feedback from others who have tried mods to this carb to see what works. Or feedback from people who are way more knowledgeable than I but do not necessarily have this carb. A good running bike is subjective to the user (to a certain point where there is an obvious problem) and what works for someone may not for another. Lastly, my wording was incorrect i meant to say "spring for the TM33 carb" as is in take the plunge and shell out the money for that carb. But it does sound like making spring changes to the TM33 carb as if that was the one in question.

With regards to the other comments:
I believe that making no changes to the BST33 that I have will be the best solution at this point.

Thank you for motolab for the pilot screw adjustment procedure. Once I fiddle with that I hope to have this carb running a bit better than before. I have access to a gas meter, but its not intended to read exhaust gas (it does read CO among 4 other gases) If i can get away with your "by touch" method I will stick with that. I will also check the holes more closely to see what is going on in there. Adjustable needle is a viable option and I will seriously consider it after testing the stock settings with the pilot screw properly adjusted.

Thanks again to all who weighed in If there are more comments I will love to hear them. I will report back when I receive the parts and get the intake/fuel system back together and the bike running.
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