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OK, I know I have asked similar/same Q in past but given your experience above I am going to be bold and ask anyway. What jet size(s) did you use and did you do any intake or exhaust mods? Did you do the pilot screw adjustment or shim the jet needle also? Opinions on these are all over the place, some earlier posts in this thread indicate the bike becomes un-rideable with even only pilot jet up one size to 42.5. Other posts indicate that larger jet(s) prevent proper atomization of fuel, some even used smaller than stock main jets when opening the intake and exhaust flow (that one certainly doesnít make any sense). I plan on working on the carb today or tomorrow and for sure will do the pilot screw adjustment but keep going back and forth about jet changes. I bought one size larger main and pilot jets for an Ď06 and the bike will be ridden from essentially sea level to maybe 6,000 to 8,000 elevations so I would greatly value your opinion. I donít plan on doing the exhaust or snorkel mods or drilling the air box. At most I will change the filter element to a unifilter but I doubt that that makes much difference compared to stock.
After reading several posts regarding carb mods over on, I went with a 42.5 pilot and 130 main. One washer shim under the needle jet, and 2.5 turns out on the pilot screw worked best on my bike. These mods made all the difference in the world to my bike - it runs cooler and doesn't backfire nearly as much when I back off the throttle. Runs great at all altitudes and in all rpm ranges. it might be my imagination but now when I use my 16t countershaft sprocket it seems like I can hold 6th gear longer going up hills.
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