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Originally Posted by beechum1 View Post
I thought you sold it to someone else Marko?

Well I did supposedly , I Give it to him , but never rec's payment , waited about 6 months and still no Dineros .

So when Tom asked about getting it back cause he had a special project for it ,

The repo Man had to go into action and get my clutch back .

I damn near had to put my hands on him to MY STUFF back .

Its crazy when people get mad at you when you ask them for something they owe .

I was like man , You gonna pay me for that clutch , cause if not, I need it back ,

That SOB had the nerve to tell me it was my fault for not asking him at the 1st of the month when he got paid ,

I said dude , there;s been about 6 1st of the months thats past and I still havent been paid , you know you owe me , Just give me my stuff back .

Then he wanted to cop the attitude .

Thats when I had to Threaten him with choking his neck like a chicken .

I'm not a violent guy , I'm a chiller , like to snack and shoot the bull .


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