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That is the plan - I just need to get my hands on an 04-06 and check out the fit with my foam mock-up tank.

This tank doesnt use the stock mount at the rear. It uses the frame backbone with rubber pads to support the weight of the tank w/ gas and to attach a bolt (clamped or welded bracket like the Storz tank) that goes thru the top center of the tank. It also has brackets on the front of the tank that mount to the 93-03 tank mounting points. These are to support any front-to-rear movement or inward deflections. Since the brackets bolt on, if the 04-06 have different mounting locations, then I can make different brackets if theyre generally in the same location.

Anyone else out there with an 04-06 Sportster that has any info on tank mounting differences? Some pictures would be good to see.

This picture shows the mounting brackets and center hole...


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