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ACR ResQLink PLB Battery Type?

I would like to ask the same question that Iskess asked on 12/13/12 - What type of batteries are these (no one has responded to his question)? Has ANYONE determined this? Are they "button batteries packaged together? CR1/2 packaged together, etc.? Someone mentioned "Panasonic" batteries, but gave no 'details'. I assume that there is NOT much information or research into the battery type because nobody's batteries have "EXPIRED" yet on this particular unit - only released for sale to the public (after FCC approval) in July, 2011.

Also, a question I have is; "If you send the unit to an "Authorized Repair/Replacement" Vendor, and pay the $100 plus replacement charge, does that get you another 5 year warranty? I have not contacted ACR yet to ask this question, but I'll bet that it does NOT! So, why would I want to spend the $100 plus, and shipping, just to get the battery replaced if I can purchase the same 'pack' after market, or build one myself????

Polar8, did you figure out what exactly is in that 'battery pack'? Can you give us some more details to help in 'Our' search?

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