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Originally Posted by hayasakiman View Post
Abuse (and a lot of it) may be the case for this mode of failure since I cannot see any other damage on the scoot. I have not yet seen this kind of damage/failure on Japanese brand.
It's what we call hooligan behavior... Most likely the scooter was the victim of young, dumb (and ugly) teenagers hanging around in my street. How do I know?
Well my bike has been the victim of multiple robberies:
The RAM mounting system (I was gone from 5pm to 5:30 wtf?)
My bike cover (tarp), eventhough it had a whole in it (repaired with duct tape)
I saw a kid trying to knock it over from my center stand in the middle of the night (I think I don't need to mention that I ran downstairs giving him the same treatment)
My bike has been robbed in itself: I came back from a 2 week trip, unloaded my luggage and brought it up in my appartment... when I came back it was gone. 3 Teens (age 14,16, 19) had pushed it over a KM into a courtyard. After 2 hours of searching I found them before the police did... knocked the 16 year old down and the others ran away, The cops came and only the "adult" one got charged... What happend to education?

Anyway the solution to all this? I rent a garage 12kms away (too expensive in the city), so each time I want to ride my bike I need to take 25min of subway and than a 20min walk. Don't need to mention that the walk is a pain in the ass ATGATT

Oh and for the short time that I had a car (2 months) they broke in and stole 20 liters of german beer that I got for my party. Son's of B!tches.

All this to say that you don't need to worry for the scooter as long as you don't have a bad nabourhood.
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