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Originally Posted by firewatermetal View Post
Yesterday the subframe bolts broke on my KLR. I only noticed it when the back-end was sitting on the tire all the sudden while I was riding.

They seem to have been broken for a while and my mistake was not checking them earlier. The good news is that I was only 1 mile from home.

Looks like I'm going to have to attempt to use an easy-out to remove the broken bits and then attempt the upgrade to the bolt.

When the rear was dangling off the back this put tension on the battery cable and other wiring; this tension broke the neg. battery post. Looks like I will be getting a new battery out of the deal, unless I can figure a way to salvage the broken post.
I lost both my upper bolts last spring on the way home from a 4 day camping trip....I ended up getting a ride home from the wife

I chose the drill through method for repair and while it was a little difficult drilling through grade 10 bolts it was not impossible. And probably much easier than trying to easy out the broken bolt remnants.

However, I am not complaining because I know that I am probably better today then I will be tomorrow, so I try and enjoy every day as it comes, and stay determined to live well and be appreciative of what I still can do..."Stromsurfer"
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