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I can't recall if it was this thread where we recently had a discussion on the non-stock choke options...

Anyhow, I got around to installing the KLX plunger choke today. Two trips to the carwash still couldn't get all the dirt off my bike from the New Year's Day Hangover Ride, so I made due.

With the IMS tank, this little choke is nearly impossible to reach, so before I installed, I drilled 2 holes in the knob and threaded some wire through it so I had something easier to grasp. The choke clicks into the full-on position and with a little nudge snaps back to the off position, which I like.

The wire I added allows it to be situated right above the petcock and I can grab it without having to search around. I don't have a review on real-world usage yet, but other inmates have noted success with this part swap...

Mediocre cell pics:

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