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I have high arches and am prone to faciitis.

Stretching the calves is an important part of the healing process, but is a difficult stretch to describe. I'll try...

Facing a wall, place your elbows against it with your feet a full arms width from the wall. With the proper position, you'll be leaning toward the wall. Extend the left leg to the rear while bending the right knee. Stretch the left calf by slowly extending the left heal to the ground. Do not bounce. Hold this position to a ten count, then relax.

Slide the left toe to just behind the right heal. Bend both knees and extend the left heal to the ground. This second stretch will work on the interior, smaller calf muscle. Hold for a ten count, then relax.

Perform both stretches on the right calf.

Repeat for a total of three iterations.

These should be performed after moderate exercise... not advisable to stretch a cold muscle.

Here's a video from Runner's World that explains this ailment and offers treatment suggestions.


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