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Originally Posted by Romanousky View Post
Hey Bryce,

Nice report! Been following from Oregon for a few weeks and thought I'd chime in to thank you for the efforts and ask a quick question. Do you have your Spot tracker hardwired? I noticed you're running it in track progress mode. I'd like to do the same but it seems like a pain to replace batteries every 4 or so days. I'd love any info you have on how you have been utilizing it.

This is my last week of shitty work and then saddling up for a trip down to Chile......just trying to resolve the last minute items. Good luck and stay safe!
No, it's not hardwired. As far as I know, SPOT doesn't even have a power cord for it. If you use lithium batteries, it will last for a couple of weeks, even on progress track mode. Unfortunately, lithium batteries are a little harder to find down here. They may be easier to find in Chile and Argentina, but I can't comment on that.....yet. I would recommend bringing along a large stash of lithiums. They're really light and they don't take up much space. If you use alkaline, you'll only get a couple of days out of it.

Another thing: make sure you set up a spotwalla page. The SPOT website will only save your progress track for a few days before it starts to recycle the old data. will save your tracks from the entire trip! It's a little complicated to set up, but definetly worth it. I didn't find out about it till colombia and wish I had known about it earlier.

One final note: make sure your SPOT is attached to your person and not your bike. When my buddy Justin got hit by a truck in El Salvador, he landed at least fifty feet away from his bike (and his SPOT which was on his handlebars). He had a serious compound fracture and if he had been alone and out in some remote location, he would have had a hell of a time getting back to his SPOT to hit the SOS. Use the little wrist band that comes with your SPOT of have someone make you a mount that you can attach to your riding gear.

Hope that helps! If you need some more information, don't hesistate to ask!
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