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Originally Posted by Stumpalump View Post
Unless your hauling 3 Harley's then you don't need breaks. They will lock up too easy. If you do it, a good controller should be considered.
Not 3 harleys, but 4 heavy dirt bikes(my XRL and few other odds and ends bikes) to Death Valley and local deserts

Originally Posted by jkm View Post
I learned that a little of the e-trac goes a looong way. I actually put too many sections of it on my trailer and never use some of it. I'm going to take the extra back off because it's difficult to set gas cans, etc on top of it.

Good luck. Sometimes it's hard to stop farkling a trailer......jkm
Ya, I can totally see how this is a good idea, so that is why im opting e-track. As for gas cans... Well.. I think imma just have to strap them down also, and let it be....
Farkling is a tough thing to give up on ANYTHING I have.. Bike, car, van.... Trailer..?? I am so screwed... lol

Originally Posted by troidus View Post
Do you mean side markers, or turn signals? U.S. vehicles aren't equipped with separate brake and turn signal circuits for trailers. For my tow vehicle, I got a European 13-pin harness. (Some day I'll actually install it.)
My bad, I ment maybe adding more turn signals, but I am not totally sure what I am do, but I know it will be done
Yea after reading the wiring diagram the lights would not be interdependent from the breaks, but with the 7 pin I would have reverse lights.... For what its worth.. And would control the breaks.

Originally Posted by kiwi_outdoors View Post
maybe not with bikes - but if you ever start hauling other stuff, such as wet garden refuse, it gets heavy quickly, and you can find yourself towing too much mass.

and stay in the allotted lanes for towing, it will stop your speed from getting too excessive
Wood for the winter...... Not always is it dry. I have a buddy, I stash a ton of wood at his place in a little corner of is back yard, and load up my van with about 5-700 lbs, alone... Im not sure if I can handle a trailer full, without the breaks...

All in all, I think I am going to do a new axle with e-brakes, because I have no clue what weights I can and can't hold on to with just my van, so a little extra elbow grease, a lot of extra homework, and a case of beer with buddies around. Will make the job that much easier... In no way is replacing my van to keep the trailer, an option for me. And the trailer will take care of me once I have her dialed in and fixed up for my needs.

Still, I will take as much input as I can get, but I know what I have to do.. Homework.
Thanks again guys,
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