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Originally Posted by Geek View Post
Graham killed 7 tanks with a Tier 6.
You killed 2 tanks with a Tier 9 and only had about 1000 research before times 3 (a score I get pretty much every round with my tier 8's).

I don't see the comparrison?
Where is your "battle efficiency" listed?

(p.s. - you know I respect your mad skills; this is meant in no way as disrespect; I know you know WAY more about this game than I do and the things you find important I'm only beginning to understand and find important - I'm trying to learn from you (some more!) ). I'm asking because of my confusion on your analogy in hopes I'll understand better "what makes a difference"
Nah, man, it's all good.

I seriously don't understand how I got the XP/coins I did get.

To me, equivalent amounts of action in tiers, oh, 6 and up, against balanced teams/battles, seem to earn about the same XP for tanks (in other words, a tier 6 killing tier 7's, or a tier 9 killing tier 10's - we don't see tier 9's gaining some multiplier as much XP for their battles). I must be missing something, but I don't seem to have done anywhere near the work that he seemed to have, yet we ended up with very similar XP.

Both battles seem to be 'good' on the part of the players, but I'm just missing why mine got me what it did.

The "Battle Efficiency" I was speaking of wasn't the efficiency numbers we've been looking at - I just couldn't think of what else to call that section other than what it is labeled as. For example:

I spent a few seconds trying to come up with a name for that section, but ... couldn't think of anything that made sense. Since it was already labeled, I just used that knowing full well I was probably gonna confuse someone. Sorry about that - I was just drawing a blank for what else to call it.
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