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A few pics from todayís practice @ San Y

while everyone was off having lunch I decided to go try this rock, I got up it a few times and came off of it backwards once. About than Lineaway came over and told me where everyone was headed

so I started to follow him a few hundred yards after we left that rock I was shifting from second to third and it didnít want to go into third so I was screwing with the shifter with my foot and the bike started making ďmetal slapping nioseĒ so I shut the bike off and put it into neutral but the shifter didnít have that spring feel that holds it in the center position so I cranked the bike with the kick starter it didnít feel bad so I started it and it had that same Bad noise so I shut it off and pushed it back to camp.
One I got home I pulled the side cover on the clutch side and found this spring part in the oil.

The oil did have a good amount of fine metal flakes in it
you actually expect people to take responsibility for their actions in today's society?!

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