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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
Off Road? Too Many to count.

Somehow I have always managed to land right and have never broken anything. Good gear helps a LOT to this end.

Now at 50... I subscribe the the "Ride to Ride Another Day" theory. I don't want to push my luck so the crazy stuff is very limited... Not completely gone mind you... Just scaled WAY back from where it used to be.
This forum and others are filled with anecdotes about the crazy stuff people did on bikes when they were young. My solution is simple. Raise the legal riding age to 40 - on or off road. (I didn't start riding a motorcycle until I was 49, but probably had my head in the right place when I was 40, and I don't mean this to be a draconian law.) So, simply rescind the M/C endorsements of anyone under 40 years of age and don't issue new licenses to anyone under that age.

Just think how great that will be for those of us over 40! Great bikes will be going for a song. Of course, dealerships who cater to younger riders will go belly up, but I'm more interested in rider safety. Those of us over 40 have a pretty clear understanding that we are mortal. If you are in your teens or 20's, odds are good that you don't get that concept. Should I lower the minimum age to 30?
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