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Got some of my odds an ends installed, including some Stucchi crash bars. I thought they'd look a bit large, but they actually blend in really well with the exhaust headers without overdoing the chrome. I did love the Racer, but not the new chrome tank (not a big fan of spokes, either).

Stucchi Crash Bars for Guzzi V7 Series by kamikazekyle10, on Flickr

Question for you other V7 owners on the charging system. I ran some heated gear the other day and was figuring out how much I could get for accessories when I noted the voltage output. At first I thought it was my crappy cig plug voltmeter, but it later meshed with my actual multimeter. I read 15.30 volts when the generator kicks in at cold idle or above. At this rate I'm worried I'll cook the battery, especially since I got a 24 hour resting voltage of 13.02 after riding for half an hour on a battery fresh off the battery tender. Do all V7s do this, or am I looking at a fluke?

Side note, I figure I can run 70-90 watts of accessories (give or take) below 4K RPM without draining the battery. At cold idle running a 36 watt load drops the voltage from 15.30 to 14.2-14.3, which then goes back up giving it some RPMs.

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Got some yesterday at Cycle Gear. Now to save for the 'good' ones.
Which set did you get? I'm looking for some cheaper stop-gap bar end mirrors until I decide if I wanna buy the Rizoma ones I was looking at.

I also dig the headlight stem spacer removal, which is on the to-do list for who knows when.
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