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I had some pretty intresting games this weekend, not too bad.

I bought my PzII back...I have fun in that and the gun sounds so cool...that is reason enough.

Anyway down to the end of a match at proviance I run down by the base poke my head around a house that one of my team mates is playing peek-a-boom with and I exchange fire with the enemy tank....the friendly tank backs into me and as a result he can't duck around the corner I think he had the room I was I think pretty far from the he gets hit and takes damage. With the enemy tank killed I move on to the enemy base, and say sorry....he comes back and says F-U.....Hmm....I did not feel I really needed to say sorry but if you are going to be that way about I tell him to suck it. He opens fire on me.....I return fire and kill him.

I have around 8,000 games and to be true this is the first time this kind of thing happened. I have team killed before, but on accident....never like this. Granted this was a tier 2 match, but the tank in question was a you know he has been around a is what it is.

If the clan boss wants to see the replay I saved it off.....I think it was a justified shooting.
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