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Originally Posted by kamikazekyle View Post
I read 15.30 volts when the generator kicks in at cold idle or above. At this rate I'm worried I'll cook the battery,

Side note, I figure I can run 70-90 watts of accessories (give or take) below 4K RPM without draining the battery. At cold idle running a 36 watt load drops the voltage from 15.30 to 14.2-14.3, which then goes back up giving it some RPMs.

until I decide if I wanna buy the Rizoma ones I was looking at.
I don't have a small block, but the Griso hums along at around 14V once running. 15V sounds high, but not real high.

You are getting close to the output of the alt. when you start dropping the voltage below the normal charging level. I would stop when you get near 13-12.5V or you risk of dropping the voltage more and having issues.

Rizoma parts are excellent. A tad spendy, but very nice. So nice that there are China knockoffs showing up on ebay all the time.
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