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Originally Posted by ONandOFF View Post
Excellent info, Sir!

I would have liked to get my hands on the taller fifth gear when I had my tranny apart. I'm fine with the stock first-second-third spacing. Ideally for me, a dual sport bike will have a wide range with a good low first, a good high top, and increasingly large gaps as the gears get higher. Of course we all agree that the XRL would greatly benefit from a sixth gear. Let's try 18/26 (0.69)

NX 5th gears are hard to get. If I could afford one I would buy it. You have to get it from overseas.

I think Barron might be able to hook you up if i recall correctly. Maybe PM him. I think he is over in Japan now.

I think he has a post or two about it in this thread. Probably in the 400 posts or so...

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