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Hi Dirty, I'm working on a late model Ducati air box. The cover that get's you access to the air filter has three screws that hold it in place. The allen bolts thread into a metal insert that is embedded in the plastic body. One of the inserts pulled out. I'm not sure what type of plastic the body is, it looks like ABS, but not sure. Question is what's the best adhesive to bond the metal insert to the plastic.

After looking over Loctite's Metals and Plastics bonding guide I'd go with 401. A 3gm tube is likely all you'd need given the application.

pn. 40104 Locite 401 Instant Adhesive, 3gm tube

The insert is likely knurled and the injection molded plastic will likely be very rough. This is good because because both surfaces have a good mechanical profile which increases the surface area which makes for a strong bond. Clean it out with a liberal shot of Electrical Contact Cleaner and blow out the hole. Let it dry completely.

You'll have about 15 seconds to press the insert into the airbox body. I'd grip the bolt head with a pair of vice grips, screw the insert onto the bolt 3 or 4 threads worth, apply the adhesive inside of the stripped out airbox hole, then firmly press the insert back into the airbox and maintain pressure for 2 minutes.

Let everything sit for a few hours or overnight if possible before you button her back up.

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