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Dampener Mount Up: Phase 3

After this weekend, the dampener project is nearly completed. I'd thought about doing the finish welds myself, but as Luke is getting lots of Tig practice on his MK1 project, it seemed like a better idea to have him do the finish welds. Got home Saturday afternoon and had a pleasant surprise:

Luke & TwinDuro after finish welding the post and welding on steering stop tabs;

They had made the steering stop tabs plenty big, to allow material to be removed slowly and check clearances as the tabs got smaller and smaller. Earlier it had been determined that the post itself was almost in the right position as a stop to protect the dampener, but of course you would not want the upper triple hitting the post instead of the stops as you would bend and/or eventually break it. Almost 5/8" between post and upper triple to start. Ideally this clearance will be closer to 3/16" when completed. Note tab is marked for first cuts based on measurements. Each round of cuts and grinding required the triple clamp, fork stem and one fork leg to be rough assembled for checking clearance.

After first rough cut;

Still too much tab;

This after the third round of cuts and grinding, clearance appeared ideal;

Note: not much tab left!

Front end rough assembled with dampener, confirmed two things; first, that the upper triple has adequate clearance both directions and two, that the steering stops will prevent the dampener from bottoming out. Mission accomplished!

Last step of dampener project will be to disassemble, clean everyhting up, touch up the paint and final reassembly.
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