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What is the charging output of an 01 225. I have gerbing gear that I use on my other bike that I didn't think it would work on the little bike. I see someone else here used it on the 225 and was curious what I could get away with.
I ran yesterday with a Gerbing microwire jacket liner, and an older pair of their gloves. I was sufficiently warm, and based on past experience, pulled the plug about 5 miles before I stopped to allow enough time for the battery to recharge itself. It restarted on the button fine. In the past, I've had dead batteries if I stay plugged in until I stop. I installed a kick starter for that reason. The bike will start with a dead battery and run fine. Run and bump works too.

My current battery is new this season, and I figured I'd experiment. As I was approaching home yesterday I decided not to unplug. When I reached home, I turned it off, and then hit the start button. It turned over and started, but just barely. At that point I plugged it into a charger.
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