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Originally Posted by Paulvt1 View Post
I went out jacket shopping today. Weather is quite good for the UK in January. Mild and not a lot of salt on the road. Got to wring the bike out a bit. It's a bike of strange contradictions.
It's a Ducati - but it's comfy, has a center stand and great mirrors.
It's nimble - but stable.
PR3's are the biz.
That slight crest in the road turns into a 3rd gear wheelie.
Best bike i've had in a long while.
I know just what you mean I finally got out on mine for a full day and some nice roads, my mate finally got a test ride on it and was completely astounded at how good it was and more over how relaxed it is when going fast. I was following on a hypermoto which was keeping up well but the experience was very different to the MS. The hyper just shouts infomation at you which is alot of fun but intense. The hyper had the full race termi system, whilst not excessive in noise it definatley adds to the fun. I think I need something for the Multi now, but which one? It's taken me a lot of bike changes to get here but the multi fits me like no other bike has come close to. I remember having a Gilera nordwest a few years ago and thought at the time that it needed a v twin to make it perfect. I now have that perfect bike.
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