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Originally Posted by Fe Man View Post
It's a loaner; what the hell do I know?
All the boys knows is that he shot a Draganov. is cool, and a VERY comon mistake as they look quite a bit alike....If I was not a "nut" I would not know the difference...but here is a quick pic to show you the differences. The PSL is really built around an AK action, the Draganov or SVD is a different beast all together. They all fire the 7.62x54R execpt for you Yugo and it fires 8MM...they had to be a little different. The Chinese is a real close copy of the Soviet rifle. There are also rifles out there that are called Tigers and they are basically a civilian version of the SVD.

All are getting pretty darn hard to find anymore...with the PSL being about the most easy to find. Around here before the world went nutz I saw PSL's going for $1800....or I guess I should say that is what the guy was asking. Real SVD will be somewhere in the $4k+ range.

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