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I just PM'd this to Jim Rowley because it seems he may have already done something similar, but I will post the question here too, maybe it will help someone else or someone may have some expertise to lend....

I picked up a set of forks off a 2001 KTM EXC 300 (47mm) for cheap, and I am trying to mount them on my '89 TransAlp. I believe that you have KTM forks on your AT/TA and I am wondering what triple clam you used. The stock KTM offset seems to be 20mm but the TA seems to have closer to a 26mm offset.

I spoke with Billet Racing Products (in C-Springs) and they only offer 20mm top clams (for use with the stock KTM bottom clamp) and if I want both top and bottom so I can get the rubber mounted bars and then custom manufacture the center stem and press it in their bottom clamp and make a bushing for the top clamp to tighten on the smaller stem they only offer 18mm offset.

I also talked to Gary over at Emig Racing, he can customize the whole thing with the same offset but it will be expensive. He thought that going down to even a 20mm offset on the forks is a very bad idea and would make it too twitchy. Another option is rather that custom designing from scratch I could get the 24mm offset KTM triple clamps and that he already makes and have them customized with a smaller stem.

Anyone have any opinions on this? I am not worried about the caliper mount and the ignition mount or fender at this time, the steering stops are more of a factor but I can always weld on the steel frame, I can deal with those small details later.


Jim kindly and quickly messaged me back, it sounds like he used the 20mm offset on the KTM tripple clamp (yoke), and didn't notice it to be twitchy. It sounds like he also had a Scott's staring dampener too.

I wonder why Gary Emig thought it was such a big deal?
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