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Originally Posted by A-Bone View Post
Good news: you may not have to pick one or the other... VW NA may bring a diesel GTI here after the next-gen MQB platform Golf is introduced in NA in may be available as a 2015.5 or 2016...

Engine is tuned to eek out a few more hp/tqs... but comes with the GTI body & suspension....

Source: Automobile Magazine:
Info on GTI TDI

Info on MQB Golf:

After driving UrbanCowboy's Golf TDI... it is right up there on my list of next cars.... that is if I don't pull an Old Man and get a Passat SEL TDI for highway comfort..... depends how sick I am of the highway drone by then....

I have a 2011 Golf TDi (six speed manual) that just turned 36,000 miles. Mine has been upgraded quite a bit with a set of H&R springs/Bilstein sport shocks, APR swaybars, GTi brake setup with 12.3" front rotors and upgraded pads and lines and an Audi S3 factory short shift kit.

I also just recently performed the APR Stage I ECU flash that brought the horsepower up to 173 wheel horsepower from 143 and the torque to 297 from 251. These motors like all of the others that VW has released in the past 12 years is under-rated from stock and the transformation is very pleasant and certainly closes the gap between a TDi and a GTi.

My car has been perfect without any hiccups, squeaks or rattles. The only challenge with the Sportwagen is that it is a funny blend of the MkV and Mk6 platform so there are some asthetic things in the interior that I prefer my car for.. but nothing so significant that I would not buy it.
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