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Originally Posted by frecks View Post
I will soon have enough experience in my Jagdpanther to get a tier 8 German TD. I haven't yet figured out if I want the Jagdpanther II or the Ferdinand. I'm curious what you guys would pick first and why.
Only because I'm old-school and have seen how very effective they were, I would go for the Ferdi. Too, some expert players have been killing in their JagTigers for a long, long time now. (oh, wait, both lead to the JagTiger.. nevermind)

But that's me, with having not researched (personally) that other TD at all. I know nothing about it other than it seems I can pen the other tier 8 TD easier (i think?) and that I have never seen that other TD rule games like old Ferdinands did. Maybe they nerfed the Ferdi.. I don't know.

Some guys love speed for helping a team, some guys like armor or bigger guns.
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