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Originally Posted by STUFF2C View Post
So wht can a new rider afford?
Using $20 per $1000 financed for 60 months (rule of thumb for good credit)
$10k bike $200 a month.

A new what for $10k or less?
Triumph has a couple pretty cool bikes for under $10k
This. Most "cool" bikes are well over $6 grand new, hell new 600 sport bikes are well over $10 grand. While most of us agree new riders should start small, the fact is most do not. Also, how many of us went out and purchased a new bike when young? I bet many riders were like me, we started of on several used bikes over the years and then bought new. Hell I didn't by my first new bike until I was 30 years old but started riding when I was 14 years old.

So a better measurement would be the median age of registered bike owners over time, not just new sales since a vast majority of those new bike sales often are followed by a used bike sale and I bet often to a younger rider than the median age of the new bike purchaser.

Frankly IMHO the price of bikes has gotten out of control when compared to cars. When compared I can get say a Triumph Trophy for $21k which gets 35 or so mpg if I'm lucky or a brand new car for $15k with heat and a/c which also carries 4 buddies and gets 40 or more mpg its hard to justify the bike.

What the hell happened to bikes getting high mpg??? Bikes are so freaking focused on power power power most are far less economical than cars.

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