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Some translated information...

...from a friend of a friend who speaks/reads/understands Japanese and it's culture.

This shop indeed imports them from Austrailia for sale in Japan and claim to be the only place in the country to buy them.

The Cross Cub is just a show bike which is a bummer--I think if they indeed reached production and brought into the U. S. they'd sell a lot better than conventional scooters if the price was right.

In the translator's opinion the shop is not likely interested in selling to anyone outside of the country and you'd have to go through a middleman in order to obtain one which would likely be illegal or in the gray zone somewhere in between--maybe it could be brought in as a "competition bike for off-road use only"?

Let's go on the wild assumption that you could, by hook or crook, get one into the country. How could you get it on the road? I considered buying an old titled CT-110, refinishing the frame and then installing all the new parts on it. My problem with doing that is one, it ain't gonna be cheap to do and two, my reason for wanting a brand-new-shiny CT is a trip I'd like to do around the U. S. at slow speeds and the ability to get parts at any Honda shop (or order them up in a timely manner) is a major concern of mine.

I guess for this reason assuming I get to do such a trip it'll be done on something else, maybe a Lifan engined rebuild and have a complete motor at home ready to ship along with other consumables that I might not be able to get for it on the road. This is a strong possibility. I'd sure like to have that high/low range gearbox for the mountains and exploring, though.

Whatever happens seeing brand new CT's and not being able to buy one is extremely frustrating.
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