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Originally Posted by BroncoDave View Post
first of all, thanks to speedo66 for the gerbings info. now for the age-old question of jetting... i bought a 130, 135, and 140 main jet that i plan on experimenting with. i don't mind modifying the snorkel but i do not want to modify the exhaust. so if someone has a suggestion as to what would work best with just snorkel removed.....let me know.. i saw comments on shimming the needle jet. i am familiar with shimming the needle but never heard of shimming the am i misinterpretting the way it was written or are we talking about shimming the needle? point me the right direction............thanks...
I recently messed around with the snorkel, thankfully I had a few snorkels laying around and could experiment with. Power was best with the snorkel completely removed but it was loud. Second best was with the section inside the air box removed and the top part installed backwards. Added a little intake noise but not much and with the helmet on I could hardly tell the difference. Pretty much any mod of the snorkel will add some sound so if you are completely against added noise you are best to leave it as is.
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