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Originally Posted by sprinter 27 View Post
Our local terrain suits a trials bike for a trail bike on Vancouver island ..the quiet exhaust and tires that don't do much damage let us ride the local mountains without upsetting local hikers and mountain bikers.
A hero aux tank gives good range , and with the terrain we ride by the time fuels done ,we are usually too.
I am also on Vancouver island and regularly ride my Sherco 290 on trail rides. I carry one or two 1L fuel bottles in my camelback (same as above pic) depending on the length of the ride. For the gnarly terrain we have the trials bikes are perfect and even for short sprints on logging roads in between trails the Sherco goes plenty fast and has more than enough high speed gearing (stock).
I am looking to trade in the Sherco for a Gas Gas simply for the extra TRIALS gear (My Sherco is only 5 speed and the GGs are 6).... the GG ratios are TRIALS 1,2,3,4 and commuting gears 5,6... the Sherco is TRIALS 1,2,3 and commuting gears are 4,5... the GG 6th and Sherco 5th are comparable (from what I have compared with a buddy's bike) so the extra gear is really 4th as the last trials gear. I have found that on the less gnarly sections of trail the sherco is either lugging 4th or revving the piss out of 3rd... the big gap between 3rd and 4th is what bugs me and why I want a GG (it would be a better trail riding bike).
I do compete in observed trials on the Sherco (and like it) but I don't think I will lose anything trials related by going with a GG.

PS: Sprinter27.... VMC?
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