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Originally Posted by bwalsh View Post
First, They turned out real nice!

Second, It's a little late now but...

The thing to do when using Kevlar is add one(or more) 6oz layer of FG cloth on top of the Kevlar for a final layer. Lay both(or however many you are using) pieces at the same time. When it dries you will never see the FG, just the Kevlar. Then you have some leeway for sanding/smoothing/polishing, etc.
To do it now, you would have to sand the Kevlar for the new epoxy/FG to adhere. The problem with that, as you probably have already seen is, the Kevlar will start to fray.

You may get by with ever so lightly hand sanding and applying a top layer of FG, if you choose to do so. It may also be very time consuming.

Good luck!
Thanks for the info, if there is a next time I'll try that. I don't think I will this time around.
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