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53 pages worth:

And this makes it look like the OP's bike is right in there with the ones that failed. Again, I'd highly recommend that the added stresses of a hack NOT be put on those forks. Any failure and they'd say it was your fault and sadly, they'd be somewhat right.
I knew about the forks before I bought the bike. I had read about 5,000 pages on the subject. What I found was about 4,995 pages of people hyperventilating about a handful of breaks. I just read through the first twenty pages of the link above and It seems to be all about the SAME few bikes. I would be curious to know the actual count for confirmed failures compared to the number of bike manufactured but......I don't really care enough to spend the time trying to find out. Kind of like the Doo on my old KLR. Lots more conversation about it than actual occurrences. Not saying it doesn't happen, just saying I'm probably not going to do anything about it.

I will keep an eye on the forks for stress fractures. I really do appreciate folks making sure that I know that there have been some issues and I duly acknowledge having been warned. If it starts to keep me awake at wait I"m already awake at night just trying to make sure I will still be here in the morning........if I need to make an upgrade I known where to get the links.

Thanks for all the input.
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