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Sorry, first of all, WAAAAAAY off topic here... look away now.... go with Aerostitch, fantastic stuff built for the ages

Ah...... depending on province, but let's pick Guangdong where Shenzhen and Guangzhou is where probably 80% of the textile stuff are made.... their minimum wage has gone up 20% year on year for the last 4 years.

Last I checked it's roughly 3500 RMB/560USD a month (70 times the 2 bucks a week example), working 8.5 hours a day before OT.

The days of the locked up workers are long gone (gone in the 2000s), these days the workers will bring the fire marshal down your ass if they feel the least bit unsafe (or used as a salary bargaining tool, I kid you not). ).

China has indicated that it will stop handing down sentences to its controversial labor camps, which allow detention without trial for up to four years. According to Chinese media, some 160,000 prisoners were held in "re-education centers" at the end of 2008.

He became an outspoken critic of labor camps after spending 15 months in one. He was sent there by police, at the age of 24, without trial or even seeing a lawyer. His crime? Criticizing the local government in Chongqing by retweeting or forwarding 100 messages containing "negative information."

film about one labor camp shows blue-suited inmates bent over their work making electrical wiring. The inmates make computer cables and headphones for MP3 players.
Ren says he worked for about 10 hours a day, during which he was not allowed to speak to fellow inmates. He seldom had a day off.

The authoritative Xinhua news agency had this to say: "No further information on the reform was available for now."

I think a few of these people called the fire marshal, but since they were in prison without trial, without ever seeing a lawyer, and busy making products for sale on the open market, their calls weren't taken.
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