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Thanks to all

Originally Posted by blk-betty View Post
Good luck with the feet....but did talk to your doctor about the cause.

I know the first onset of pain was just after riding in the heat for an extended period but plantar fascitis is generally the result of overuse activities and poor arch support. Neither of which would occur while riding unless you were standing on your pegs a lot of the time.

Hope things get better quickly for you.
The doctor thought it was odd also. The symptoms came on suddenly with no warning. I do put a lot of weight on my feet while riding--even on a street bike. I used to anyway... I was wearing fairly cheap Vega boots that had no ventilation, and had no arch support. I'm going to spend the bucks and buy bates fastlane boots and add arch supports if needed. As everyone says stretching is the key. I have good days and bad days, but I can still walk, ride, and even run a bit. I know people without legs so I'm not complaining.

I really started this thread to see if anyone else had this problem after riding in the heat. 118 F is hot, but I was not exerting myself. People lived where it was hot when there was no AC and seldom suffered tissue damage as far as I know. The thing is odd.
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